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my account of deget

my official deget.net and in romain sunphoto.ro is this:


and in romain:



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Comments • 11

mileyMILEZ18 18 June 2011  
you are a feke:P peace but no more!:]]
mileysmileyxxsmileymiley 18 August 2010  
FakeZzRealZz 21 July 2010  
stergeti contu proastoooooooo!frate esti chair proasta!
pryncessyk 13 June 2010  
frtte d prst ejty
BonnyZXLove64 30 May 2010  
OMG!on sunphoto???is a romanian account....you are a big fakeee
whynot 13 May 2010  
account of deget?! GOD!
BabyFace 14 December 2009  
deget.net for CA
sunphoto.ro for rumania
===]]] 8 November 2009  
oh girl` te-ai dat de gol cand ai scris k ai unul si in romana`:)) styupid
kristen 10 October 2009  
i kiss too
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